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JARKI’s is an online Gemstones and Minerals shop based out of Delray Beach, Florida. We carry many varieties of high quality tumbles and pocket stones, museum grade showcase crystals, minerals, jewelry, and other metaphysical supplies. Email us at jarkistore@gmail.com with any and all inquiries.

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Message from the Owners

Dear costumers,

We personally would like to thank you for visiting our website and taking your time to learn more about JARKI Gemstones & Minerals, an online business, whose dedication is to provide best quality products that will satisfy customers’ needs and will stand out from other competitors in the market.

We look forward to the opportunity to making your experience at our business very pleasant and fulfilling. Online gemstones and minerals retail stores are a fast-growing and a high-quality business. We, in response to this opportunity, will offer the best product for customers’ satisfaction and will conduct many analyses in the market to provide and satisfy our customers’ demand. Gemstones and Minerals are very popular among people who appreciate and enjoy their unique metaphysical meanings, and they can also be used as stand-alone decorations.

Feel free to explore our products in our shop here: jarkiminerals.com/shop

Best Regards,
JARKI Gemstones & Minerals Owners

We have a great variety of products in different shapes, such spheres, obelisks, palm stones, hearts, tumbled, and clusters. 

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